Sustainable Sourcing


Ever heard of sustainable sourcing? We are here to educate you on this for the growth of your business.

In the supply chain protocols, you need to choose suppliers favorable to develop you to greater heights in your investment.

Our blog strives to give you concepts, solutions, and insights on matters of sustainable sourcing. We don’t leave it at that.

We integrate the factors and equip you with the knowledge from an environmental, ethical, and social perspective to ensure you get suppliers who add value to your business.

What is Sustainable Sourcing?


Sustainable sourcing is a process of selecting materials, products, and services from suppliers in a sustainable way. In applying sustainable sourcing, organizations integrate social, ethical, and environmental factors into selecting their suppliers.

This concept involves purchasing sustainable products, such as recycled or remanufactured products. It also includes adhering to the green purchasing guidelines that pertain to specific commodities.

Examples of Sustainable Sourcing

Featured Stories

Sustainable Sourcing Examples

H & M

H&M is a clothing retailer with a massive commitment to the transparency of its supply chain activities. On its website, there’s a list of the majority of their supplier’s information, which they update regularly. This concept helps ensure that stakeholders can verify and hold the company responsible for their suppliers’ conduct.

Important Knowledge about Sustainable Sourcing

  1. Supports brand recognition

The corporate social responsibility common among high-level companies enhances its brand. Consumers prefer to work with such organizations in sourcing for products or volunteer opportunities, for they believe they are secure in business management.

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